Aim and Scope of Annals of Medical Laboratory Science

The Annals of Medical Laboratory Science (AMLS) which is published by the West African Postgraduate College of Medical Laboratory Science (WAPCMLS) is a broad-based peer reviewed open access journal, which focuses to publish quality scientific researches with respect to medical laboratory research and practices. AMLS encourages authors who want to publish in the reputable open access journals. AMLS reduces the turn-around time which serves as barrier between author and reader for the free flow of scientific information by making the journals Open Access to enhance further research, teaching and reference purposes. All research works published by AMLS are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which grants copyrights to the author concerned and make the articles available for their dissemination. The License permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited. AMLS publishes high quality, original research in Medical Laboratory Science covering medical Microbiology, Chemical Pathology, Immunochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Microbiology, Immunology, Hematology, Transfusion Science, Organ and Tissue Transplantation, Exfoliation Cytology, Therapeutics, Toxicology, Histopathology and Clinical Informatics. Research on medically relevant studies, using laboratory animals or in vitro models, are welcome, as well as reviews of topics that pertain to diagnosis, prognosis or therapy, or that deals with laboratory procedures, instrumental advances, or therapeutic innovations. AMLS also publishes short manuscripts as “Communications,” “Commentaries,” “Case Reports,” “Technical Notes,” “Editorials,” or “Letters to the Editor.”